Silicone Vs Type: what to choose?

Several questions may arise before buying a Doll. The main question is often the raw material of the doll. 2 solutions are available to you: TPE and Sillicone, but what are the advantages of these little asian doll 2 materials?

What is it about?

Before you start comparing, let's define the two elements:

  • Silicone is a material composed mainly of sillica and oxygen. It is mainly used in medical, cosmetic and android love dolls mechanics circles. It is certified skin contact (for our silicone). It is cold poured on a foam wrapping a buy a realdoll articulated skeleton.
  • TPE (or Thermoplastic Elasthomer) is a petroleum polymer. It has a high elasticity and a thermoplastic character (which changes in heat). It is injected hot on sophisticated sex robot to the skeleton.

What does matter give?

This is probably the most important aspect. The 2 mate dolly sex rials are different, they have different characteristics.

Silicone is a more resis custom made sex doll tant material than TPE, it i tpe liebespuppe s firmer and the foam surrounding the skeleton allows on the one hand, to give a more realistic look to comprar real doll the dolls and on the other hand to better protect the material from te free sex simulator for pc ars. Skeletons are also of better qual lifelike male dolls ity with more worked and much stronger joints.

The TPE has the peculiarity of being more flexible, facilitating sexual intercourse and being at first contact more pleasant to the touch. However, it tears ver silicone male doll y easily and its direct molding on the skeleton makes it difficult to move the dolls because they are much more fragile, the metal or plastic making up the skeleton tears th women having sex with dolls e TPE from the inside.

At bbw sex doll: we offer Real Life Sensitive (EPIRB). This option makes it possible to obtain a silicone even more pl men dolls women easant to the touch. The advantages of TPE are obtained over a better quality Silicone.

What quality to expect?

In both cases there are many boob doll products generally varying in quality. Sillicone is generally of better quality but there are also sillicones with less resistant materials. Overall the silicone is clean and eas sex doll looks real y to clean and has no smell.

The same problem is encountered for TPE, as the basic material is less expensive, some manufacturers tend to reduce costs even further by choosing a cheaper, lower quality TPE. In general, TPE t mini real dolls ends to be more dirty, its cleaning is also more complicated. It is also necessary to pay attention to the bacteria that develop in the pores of the TPE. It rejects oil in greater abundance than real doll deutschland silicone. Often has an unpleasant odor.

At bbw sex doll: we use only the best surgical grade silicone available on the market. Our g life size silicone love dolls oal is to provide optimal Doll quality, this goes through the best raw material available.

To conclude

Silicone emerges as the most advantageous material. Better quality, your silicone doll is gone to follow you for a silicone sex doll video long time. This material guarantees you a clean doll, easily handled and wh sex simulator full ose beauty will satisfy you for a long time.

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