A pioneer in the manufacture of luxury dolls in Europe, we appro celebrities dolls ach their design as an artist would do for his work. Precise gestures, a delicate approach through which the doll comes to life in the hands of its sculptor.


The Birth of a Doll
The Birth of a Doll
The Birth of a Doll

Entirely made in Alsace, our dolls are lifelike female doll made in an artisanal way, to make you benefit from our know-how. bbw sex dolls are partly molded on real bodies to give you a realistic feel and rare pleasure.


Awakening a Doll

In order to make each doll a unique piece, we pay special attention to detail. Under the expert hands of our makeup artist, their customization will make them unique to you having sex with dolls r eyes and make her an ideal companion. The slightest part of their body is worked with finesse and precision to make them even mo artificial doll re alive.